The Unloc app

Similar to the partner-oriented Unloc Work app, the regular Unloc app allows Unloc keys to be used via URLs (Note: this requires Unloc v4.1.3 or later).

While the Unloc Work app allows unauthenticated users to use partner-created keys, the regular Unloc app requires an authenticated (logged in) user, and this user must be invited to use the key.

Similar to the Unloc Work app, the regular Unloc app can be invoked via app switching.

App switching

To invoke the regular Unloc app via app swithing, you need to create an app switch URL. The app switch URL has the following format:<keyId>&userid=<msn>&redirect=<returnUrl>

Query parameter Meaning
id The ID of the key to open
userid The invited user's mobile number in E.164 format
redirect See Unloc Work for explanation of the redirect/return URL

If the user does not have the Unloc app installed, then the app switch URL will take the user to App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android).


The + sign in the user's mobile number must be URL-encoded. For example, +15845551234 must be encoded as %2B15845551234.


The following link will launch the Unloc app and take the user directly to a given key.

Query parameters

  • id=e31d1213-ade5-4786-ab17-33637e602def. This is the key that will be opened.
  • userid=%2B15845551234. The user logged in to the Unloc app must be identified by the phone number +15845551234.
  • redirect:googlechrome://. After key usage, the Unloc app will redirect the user back to the Google Chrome app.