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Unloc API Documentation

Unloc is a platform for key sharing. Unloc acts a vendor-agnostic hub for various types of electronic locks, enabling digital key creation, key sharing, and key usage.

Unloc's API allows third-parties to work with locks, accesses and keys.
The API is REST-based, and secured using OAuth2

The API is divided in two main parts: one for what we call Integrators, and one for what we call Service Providers.

Integrators API

The Integrators API allows fully managing locks, accesses and keys, either for yourself or on behalf of others.
Examples of use:

  • Allowing your customers to manage their digital locks through your platform.
  • Managing your organization's digital locks through an existing platform.

Documentation for the Integrators API is found here

Service Provider API

The Service Provider API allows creating temporary keys to locks owned by others, as long as the owner have consented.
This allows a Service Provider to for example deliver a service or a package without the recipient being home.

Documentation for the Service Provider API is found here